Best Batting Helmets 2017: Guide for Young Players with Reviews

Buying a batting helmet might not be the most glorious additional to your collection of baseball equipment, especially compared to purchasing a new baseball bat or mitt, but it is a very important piece of equipment because it keeps you (or your son or daughter) safe from head injuries when they step into the batter’s box.

Whenever you are selecting a piece of equipment for a younger player, there is always the challenge of the size because children grow so quickly.

You have to consider the price against how much use your youth player will actually get out of it before another growth spurt takes them up a size.

best batting helmet - guide for youth

Luckily, when it comes to batting helmets, this isn’t as big of a concern because our heads don’t grow nearly as dramatically as the rest of our body does.

Although, you may still want to avoid buying a helmet with a very snug fit; it may be way too tight next season.

There are some “adult” sized batting helmets that are adjustable and, while slightly more expensive, may save you the hassle and additional expense of buying multiple youth helmets as your son or daughter grows.

Be sure to test the fit of any helmet beforehand, if possible. If you are shopping online, make sure they have a solid return policy, incase the helmet doesn’t fit properly.

Best Batting Helmets: The 2017 Guide

The first thing you want to do, before making any purchasing decision or even entertaining the idea of buying a batting helmet for your son or daughter, is to check with their coach about whether they even need a helmet.

A lot of youth teams and leagues supply their players with helmets, so you may not have to make this additional purchase.

If your team doesn’t have an available helmet, or you just want your own helmet that is separate from the team’s, the next consideration you have to make is the type of helmet.

Some leagues require batting helmets to include a facemask, while others do not. There may be other restrictions on certain styles or colors, but that is much rarer.

As we take a look at some of the top youth batting helmets, we’ll take a more indepth look at the features and qualities that the ideal batting headgear should have.

It is important to note that this list is in no particular order and that there are options suited for both softball and baseball.

So, no matter what type of league your son or daughter is in, there will be a helmet listed that is perfect for their needs and your budget.

Here are the top batting helmets for young players in 2017.

Rawlings CoolFlo Batting Helmet

The CoolFlo technology was produced by Rawlings way back in 2006 and helped revolutionize helmet design for both hitters and catchers behind the plate.

This may not seem that revolutionary or helpful because players don’t spend a lot of time with a batting helmet on.

Rawlings CoolFlo Batting Helmet

On a hot day, however, after running hard from an extra base hit or successfully swiping a bag, this high-tech ventilation system will help cool your head down and allow you to catch your breath sooner.

This means you’ll be ready to run on the next crack of the bat.

The Rawlings CoolFlo Batting Helmet meets all of the NOCSAE (the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) standards for youth baseball and softball helmets.

Its protection is practically guaranteed.

If your league requires that players wear a protective face mask with their batting helmet, this Rawlings product has pre-drilled holes on each ear guard, which allow most wire face masks to be attached.

Even if your youth player’s League doesn’t require a facemask, they may graduate to another league that does. This is a great option that lets you attach or detach a mask as needed.

This helmet is available in six colors: white, royal, scarlet, black, dark green and navy. Its molded finish and aerodynamic appearance really give it a high-quality, professional look.


  • Ventilation holes keep the head cool after sprinting to the bag
  • Easily attach a separately purchased facemask
  • Excellent appearance and various color options


  • Doesn’t come with the facemask, despite the pre-drilled holes
  • May be too tight for a large head

The Rawlings CoolFlo Batting Helmet has a really affordable price, a cool look and some features that make it a worthwhile buy for a young player.

Your son or daughter will really stand out with this sleek piece of equipment.

Rip-It Vision Pro Batting Helmet

If budget isn’t an issue, this is the helmet for you. It is full of features and a high-quality design that rivals even the equipment the pros where.

If you son or daughter’s coach has team helmets, but you want something a little more, this is the answer.

While it is designed as a softball helmet, it is permissible in youth baseball leagues too.

Rip-It Vision Pro Batting Helmet

As a softball helmet, it comes with a faceguard attached, but this can be easily detached by removing four screws, which helps give it the look of a baseball helmet.

If you leave the mask on, you’ll find that it doesn’t obstruct vision at all. It is also lightweight.

Some facemasks weigh on the helmet (and thereby the player’s head) and makes it feel difficult to keep your head level. The Rip-It Vision mask is light enough to avoid this minor annoyance.

In addition to seeing more behind the mask, you’ll also have better vision thanks to Rip-It’s Blackout technology.

Following the same principle that makes eye black work (the sun’s rays are drawn to the eye black instead of your eyes), this batting helmet has its own eye black that eliminates glare and other issues caused by the sun.

If your young player has long hair, there’s even a ponytail port in the back of the helmet.

The padding inside the helmet is also ultra comfortable and the 21 different air vents help wick moisture away. No more helmet hair!

This helmet has seven color options: blue, matte black, matte navy, matte royal, matte scarlet, matte white and white. It comes in three sizes to fit any player’s head size.


  • Lots of features, both performance and comfort oriented
  • Comes with a facemask that can be removed easily if unneeded
  • Many different color options to fit most team uniforms


  • High price, which makes it difficult if you are a player with a budget
  • While it can be used as a softball or baseball helmet, it is technically designed for softball

With all of the features wrapped up in the Rip-It Vision Batting Helmet, it actually feels, looks and functions like a pro-level helmet. Its primary drawback is the price.

It is one of the most expensive batting helmets for young players.

Easton Junior Z5 Grip Batting Helmet

The major selling point of this batting helmet is its many, many different style options.

If you are a player that likes flair and style (or just really wants their helmet to match their uniform), there is undoubtedly a Easton Junior Z5 Grip Batting Helmet that will satisfy your need to standout.

Easton Junior Z5 Grip Batting Helmet

This helmet is available in solid colors or a two-tone design, where the brim and V-shaped vents on the top of the helmet are a secondary color.

In total, there are 26(!) different color options to choose from.

Aside from these stylistic offerings, the Easton Junior Z5 Grip Batting Helmet brings a lot of other features to the table.

Perhaps biggest of all is the Easton name, which comes with years of quality baseball products, including batting helmets.

Easton designed this batting helmet with a sturdy and protective ABS plastic shell. Not only does this save your head, but it also protects the helmet from getting scuffed or damaged. You’ll continue to look good all season long.

On the inside of this batting helmet, Easton’s Dual Density Foam cradles the skull and is engineered to pull sweat away from your head, which keeps you dry and ultra comfortable at the plate and on the basepaths.

This helmet is NOCSAE approved and can be used in baseball or softball leagues. You can purchase a compatible facemask separately.


  • TONS of style options for the player that likes to look good
  • ABS shell is protective for your head and makes the helmet last long
  • Internal padding is comfortable and helps keep the head dry


  • Price is a little high, you really pay for the color options and Easton name
  • Facemask has to be bought separately
  • Some reviewers complain about sizing issues, so be sure to test the fit beforehand

This helmet is hands down the best option if you care about looking great on the field. You can match any uniform or any personal style preference.

All the other features round out this helmet as an excellent, competitive option.

DeMarini Paradox Batting Helmet

Similar to the Easton name, DeMarini is another sports equipment brand name that carries a lot of clout and has a strong reputation for producing quality, protective sporting equipment.

The DeMarini Paradox Batting Helmet is no exception to this high level of excellence.

On the exterior, this helmet has a low profile that appears sleek and ignores any wind resistance as you are charging down the base path.

DeMarini Paradox Batting Helmet

It has a rubberized matte shell that really helps deaden the impacts of balls and any other projectile. You may not even realize you were by the pitch!

Dotted across this rubberized shell are carefully placed ventilation holes that efficiently filter in cool air and push out the hot, stale air inside the helmet.

This will keep the top of the head cool and ensure you never slow down around the bases, even when the sun is beating down hard.

The DeMarini Paradox Batting Helmet can be purchased with or without the face grill.

Again, some leagues require this extra protection for the face, so be sure to check before reaching any final decisions. Not many helmets offer this with or without option.

This helmet has a lot of different color options; it almost had as many as the Easton Z5 and shares similar two-tone paint schemes.

Additionally, the color of the interior padding can also be changed, which adds another layer to the custom look of your batting helmet. It has two sizes to fit most players heads.


  • Many color and design choices
  • Available with or without facemask
  • Great impact dampening thanks to rubberized shell
  • Sleek profile reduces wind resistance when running


  • Some reviewers complain that the rubber shell becomes scuffed easily and can even peel after repeatedly heavy use

The DeMarini Paradox Batting Helmet has really got it all: great features for both comfort and protection, a multitude of design and customization options, the choice of buying with or without the facemask and all for a midrange price.

EvoShield Impakt 350 Batting Helmet

EvoShield is a relatively new player in the baseball equipment marketplace.

Despite this status as the new kid on the block, they have already made quite a name for themselves and many of their products, especially their batting gloves and elbow, wrist and leg guards, are used by top players in Major League Baseball.

Their batting helmets aren’t as commonly seen, mostly because MLB teams issue their own team helmets, but given the quality of the rest of their products, the EvoShield Impakt 350 Batting Helmet is equally as impressive.

EvoShield Impakt 350 Batting Helmet

It starts with the ABS shell that is common with batting helmets because of its resistance to high impacts.

This more than qualifies this equipment for the NOCSAE standard and guarantees long-lasting durability.

Inside the helmet is a lightweight, high density foam cushioning.

This material is not only comfortable on the player’s head, but it greatly reduces the vibrations and impact felt when you get hit in the helmet with a ball or other projectile.

This allows you to shake it off quicker and step back into the batter’s box with confidence during your next at bat.

The EvoShield Impakt 350 Batting Helmet has pre-drilled holes and hardware to attach a facemask or added chin guard, but neither are included with your purchase.

The other small drawback to this batting helmet is it is only available in four color options.

It also has a mid-to-high price point, which may take it out of some player’s budgets.


  • Batting helmet from a quality brand
  • Super protective against impacts
  • Interior padding is comfortable on the young player’s head


  • Very few color options
  • Despite having pre-drilled holes and hardware, it doesn’t include any facemask or other attachments
  • A little pricey for a youth helmet

The EvoShield Impakt 350 Batting Helmet is an overall nice and protective piece of equipment.

Although you pay a little bit more, you get the added impact resistance and dampening of the ABS shell and high density foam.

Again, its price is a little above average, even for its features.

All Star System 7 Batting Helmet

In the realm of mid-priced batting helmets, the All Star System 7 makes a solid claim at being one of the best on the market.

It starts with its protection features. Specifically, the ultra-resistant, ABS plastic shell, which deflects impacts and keeps your head protected.

All Star System 7 Batting Helmet

This ABS shell is supported with small grooves and ridges, which actually add strength and integrity to the overall design of the System 7 helmet.

Many of these ridges house the equipment’s air flow vents that keep the player’s head cool, even during the hottest game.

This batting helmet also has a lot of comfort features as well. First, the liner inside the helmet implements All Star’s Ultra-Cool™ moisture wicking material.

Thus, not only will your head be cool from the many vents, but it will stay dry, which means no more sweaty, helmet hair.

Additionally, the AEGIS Microbe Shield™ eliminates any bacteria that can build up inside the equipment.

Not only does this keep the helmet clean and microbe-free, but it also ensures that the helmet lasts longer because it protects the inside cushioning from deteriorating.

The All Star System 7 Batting Helmet has all the necessary hardware to attach a chin guard or facemask, but both of these have to be purchased separately.

This helmet has over 15 style and color options, including some two-tone designs.


  • ABS Shell and ridge design offer up a helmet that is ultra-resistant to impacts
  • AEGIS Microbe Shield™ cleans the All Star System 7 Batting Helmet at the microscopic level
  • Interior helmet material is designed to wick sweat and ensure long-term integrity
  • Low price for features
  • Many color and design options


  • Has the ability to attach a facemask or chin strap, but both have to be purchased separately

While the All Star System 7 Batting Helmet doesn’t come with a facemask or chin strap, it has so many benefits and features that it is hard to even focus on this one blemish in a an otherwise flawless product.

Mizuno MVP Batting Helmet

This Mizuno batting helmet is another mid-to-high priced product, which means it has a lot of professionally-inspired features and qualities, but its price means it isn’t going to be in every player’s budget.

The first feature is its NOCSAE-approved, ABS shell, which we’ve seen in a lot of other competing models so far.

Mizuno MVP Batting Helmet

This protective, plastic exterior helps protect the player’s head and raises the equipment’s structural integrity, thereby making it last longer and delivering an overall more durable product.

The interior of the Mizuno MVP Batting Helmet benefits from two key features: the EVA foam inner core and the DryLite Liner.

The foam core acts by cushioning the player’s head and providing a comfortable experience when the helmet is on. It also helps dampen any impacts that may occur.

The DryLite Liner wicks away sweat. This keeps the head of your son or daughter dry during the game, which eliminates helmet hair.

It also makes the helmet’s padding and liner last longer. By wicking away the sweat, it keeps its form and strength longer.

Although it does not come with a mask included, this batting helmet has the holes already drilled to attach one that you buy separately.

The Mizuno MVP is adjustable and has a one-size-fits-most sizing. Thus, it may be good to try the fit at a sporting goods store before you purchase.

Lastly, this helmet has a two-color paint scheme, which opens the door to a lot of different style and color options. There are over 10 different choices of color schemes.


  • Durable ABS plastic shell is NOCSAE approved
  • A number of different two-tone color schemes
  • DryLite Liner and EVA inner core foam makes for an exceptional interior for this helmet


  • Upper-midrange price point
  • Lacks an included facemask, despite pre-drilled holes
  • One-Size-Fits-Most sizing should be checked for fit before buying

This helmet has every quality you would expect; it is protective, comfortable to wear, eliminates sweat and looks pretty cool too.

The one drawback, aside from not including a facemask option, is its price. You are paying for the Mizuno name.

Under Armour Converge Carbon Tech

Under Armour has become one of the most recognizable athletic brands on the market.

While they are mostly known for their athletic wear, they make quality sporting equipment as well, including batting helmets.

The Converge Carbon Tech Batting Helmet by Under Armour has a really interesting design that is similar to that of the All Star System 7.

Under Armour Converge Carbon Tech Batting Helmet

The surface of this helmet is dimpled, just like the System 7’s various ridges and bumps.

This design, aside from having a really cool look and feel, also improves the durability of the helmet and makes the wearer feel less upon impact because these small raised bumps actually help disperse the force of an impact, which makes it a lot less likely to crack or fracture as well.

Like many of the batting helmets that make this list, this product does not come with a facemask. It does, however, have pre-mounted hardware to attach said mask.

So, once you purchase a protective face guard, it attaches quickly and with little hassle.

The Under Armour Converge Carbon Tech Batting Helmet has an interior made from a combination of foam and fabric.

These materials are charged with anti-microbial power that help keep bacteria and odors out. They also wick sweat and help ensure the long-term integrity of the product.

This youth size helmet’s last notable feature is its expansive vent system that uses extra-large holes and Under Armour’s HeatGear liner for unmatched cooling and drying.

The helmet is only available in four colors and its youth sizes are limited to 6 ¾ hat size and under. This is not a very large helmet, even for youth players.


  • Great ventilation system thanks to large holes and the HeatGear liner
  • Rigid exterior help disperse the force on impact and allow the helmet to resist cracks
  • Antibacterial protection keeps the inside odor free


  • High end price point
  • Lacks a large range of color options
  • Fits tightly on many players

The biggest detraction of the Under Armour Converge Carbon Tech Batting Helmet is its sizing.

It doesn’t have a wide range of sizes and the available ones are tight fitting. This means it really is only suitable for young players.

Given its high price, that means you are paying a lot for a helmet that may not last for more than a season or two.

Final Conclusions

Hopefully, this list has helped give you an idea of the qualities and types of batting helmets on the market today.

Even better, you may have your decision on the best batting helmet narrowed down to just one or two options.

If you don’t, that’s okay. This is a long list and even just focusing on the options listed above can be overwhelming.

To help further remedy this confusion, here are some of our top picks of the best of the best.

For the player that has to look good:

You absolutely cannot beat the number of color and style options that the Easton Junior Z5 Grip Batting Helmet brings to the table.

The two-tone color schemes are awesome and easy to match any uniform with. The DeMarini Paradox Batting Helmet is a close second for this category.

When price is an issue:

The Rawlings CoolFlo Batting Helmet has a lot of different features, but what makes it stand out to us is the price you are paying for these features.

Sometimes finding an affordable piece of equipment means sacrificing features, but that just isn’t the case with this helmet.

For the softball player:

While it has the highest price on the list, the Rip-It Vision Pro Batting Helmet is one of the only true softball helmets to make the list.

You may grimace at the price, but considering that you would have to buy a facemask separately for many of these other products, the price actually ends up being fairly comparable.

Plus, you are getting a truly exceptional product.

Most Versatile:

Since the DeMarini Paradox Batting Helmet is the only one on the list with the option of coming with a facemask or without one, it is definitely the most versatile.

Plus, it covers a wide range of sizes.

Best Overall:

It isn’t easy to choose an overall best youth batting helmet because all of these options are different from one another.

If pressed, however, the trophy would have to go to the All Star System 7 Batting Helmet.

For the price of this product and given its range of features, some of them unique to the System 7, it really is the gold medal winner for kids batting helmets.

We hope this list has gotten you closer towards choosing the best batting helmet for your son or daughter.

When possible, always remember to check for fit before purchasing.