June 2016 – They Can Hit for Miles and Miles

June has been an interesting month for baseball, whether you like hitting, pitching, defense, or a little bit of a mixture of all of it combined.

We’ve seen double-digit winning streaks, injuries to some of the biggest names in the league, players in new positions, and rare offensive feats at the plate.

Whatever your preference is, June had all of it.

Best Bat Grip Tape: A Buying Guide

Brief History of Baseball Bat Grip Tape

When the game of baseball was in its infancy and before Bud Hillerich convinced his father to turn their woodworking business into a bat manufacturer, after creating his first Louisville Slugger, baseball players would often whittle their own sticks out of whatever was available to them.

May 2016 – Striking Out Like No Other

It’s been a great month of baseball since we last did a recap. The Orioles are still playing better than anyone ever anticipated, the Astros are still below .500, and the Red Sox may have one of the most consistent hitting teams in history.

2016 Easton MAKO TORQ Review

When it comes to producing metal alloy and composite baseball bats, there really is not a company that compares to Easton’s pedigree.

While they may have not created the first aluminum bat, we should just hand Easton the ‘father of the aluminum bat’ title anyways.