MLB Week 4: The Stars Come Out to Play

It’s been an interesting week in baseball. Whether you like pitching, hitting, or defense, there was something for everyone this week.

There were aces that looked like aces, top prospects that need to figure it out, and even the infamous player who decided to tell the fans off!

Best of the Best – A Championship Builder 2016

It’s time to start preparing for Fantasy Baseball. My hope is that you’ve all been doing some sort of research to prepare for your own drafts. Today we’ll look at the top players at each position.

All stats are projected based on players making it through the season without significant injuries.

DeMarini CF7 Fastpitch Bat Review

DeMarini made headlines in 1995 when they introduced the first double wall bat (DeMarini realized that using two separate walls within the bat created a springboard effect).

The success and sheer power of these bats helped catapult the company’s name in the industry.